St.Petersburg '18

We thank the participants, teachers, parents and members of the jury of the IX Savshinsky! Congratulations to the winners and laureates!
Congratulations to Oleg Khudyakov for Grand-Prix. His special prize is a concert with the orchestra and conductor Fabio Mastrangelo! The winner of the Eighth Competition, pianist Xiao Xiao Wei, will play her concert on April 8, 2018 at the Music Hall Theater.

The dates of the next Tenth Savshinsky Competition: January 3 — 8, 2019. Nominations: piano, strings, harp, ensemble. Nomination Vocal performing arts will be held in cooperation with the FABIO MASTRANGELO Foundation. Conditions and application on this site in the coming month.

We invite you to visit our site at the end of January, you will find here:
- Video recording from the Final Concert and the Closing Ceremony
- Another photo album from the Ceremony
- Conditions and information on the X Competition.

IX Savshinsky International Music Competition
Saint Petersburg 2018, January 3 — 7

Photos/ Album No1
Photos/ Album No2
  Final Concert program.
The Organizing Committee produces professional video recordings of all the participants in the following groups:
• Piano A, B, C
• Piano additional all groups
• Violin A, B, and first round D, E
• Cello A, B, C
• Harps all groups
• Solo singing all groups
• Ensemble 1
Cost: 500 rubles for each participant groups ABC and 700 rubles D,E each round. Payment is made to the operator. Paid videos can be downloaded from this site by link: by this link.