St.Petersburg '18
  2017 St.Petersburg

VIII Savshinsky International Music Competition
St. Petersburg, Russia

2017, January 3 — 8


  Payed recordings.
The Organizing Committee produces professional video recordings of all the participants in the following groups:
  • Piano A, B, C
  • Piano D, E (I round)
  • Piano additional all groups
  • Violin A, B
  • Violin D, E (II round)
  • Cello A, B, C
  • Cello D, E (II roundр)
  • Ensemble 2
  • Ensemble 3 (I and IIround)
  • Harp A, B, C
  • Harp D, E (II round)
Cost: for groups ABC 500 rubles, for groups DE 600 rubles each round. Payment is made to the operator. Paid videos can be downloaded from this site.
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