Video recording

The cost of video recording is 500 rubles for groups ABC, and 800 rubles for groups DE for each tour. You can order and pay for the video at registration or directly to the operator. Paid videos can be found on the link from this page.

Recording for every performances:

  • Piano ABC
  • Piano additional ABC
  • Violin ABC
  • Cello ABC
  • Accordion ABC
  • Ensemble 1, 2

By your request:

  • Piano E (II)
  • Piano additional E (I)
  • Violin DE (I и II)
  • Viola DE (I и II)
  • Cello DE (I и II)
  • Accordion DE (I)
  • Ensemble 3 (I и II)

Please write about the need for video at at least one day before the performance, or pay for the video recording at the registration desk BEFORE your performance.

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