Applications are accepted until December 10, 2022

Competition rules (piano)

Competition categories

  • Piano solo
  • Piano as an additional instrument

Age groups / maximum time limit

(age of the participant on January 10, 2023)

Age group Maximum age Maximum duration of performance
Group A: up to 9 years old up to 9 min
Group B: up to 12 years old up to 15 min
Group C: up to 15 years old up to 20 min
Group D: up to 19 years old up to 20 min. for each round
Group E: up to 26 years old up to 25 min. for each round

Repertoire requirements

For groups A, B and C — at least two, maximum four compositions of different characters from different eras.

For groups D and E — at least one, maximum three compositions of different characters from different eras in each of the two rounds, with the obligatory inclusion in the program of the Prelude and Fugue of any composer without epoch limitation, as well as one or several parts of a large-scale form (sonata, concert, variation cycle, rondo, fantasy).

Partricitapion fees

Age group Until November 10 Until December 10
Group А: 50 € 60 €
Group B: 55 € 65 €
Group С: 60 € 70 €
Group D: 65 € 75 €
Group E: 70 € 80 €