Applications are accepted until January 15 20, 2024

Rules and Conditions (live)


Traditionally, both pianists performing with participants in solo categories can take part in the accompanist competition (in this case, in the soloist's application, you must put "yes" in the appropriate box), and those who involve illustrators (instrumentalists or vocalists) who do not participate in the performance competition (in this case, you must fill out a separate application).

Age groups / maximum time limit

(age of the participant on January 30, 2023)

Age group Maximum age Maximum duration of performance*
Pupils and students: up to 26 years old inclusive up to 15 minutes
Professionals: (age is not limited) up to 25 minutes

*in the case of a performance with a soloist participating in the competition — the duration of the accompanist's program is determined by the duration of that of the soloist.

Repertoire requirements

Free program, consisting of a minimum of two, a maximum of six compositions of different characters.

Partricitapion fees*

Age group Until January 15 20
Pupils and students: 30 €
Professionals: 35 €

*In the case of a performance with a soloist participating in the competition, the accompanist is given a 50% discount from the amount of the Partricitapion fee in his group.